Ad formats

Native ads

Ads built right into the content

The native ad, a highly engaging and effective ad unit, is perfectly embedded within the host app.

CTR: 3% Click-throughs / Impressions


Advertisment, which pop-ups on your screen for several seconds

The interstitial allows you to own the screen. Our beautiful animated ads are designed to engage and deliver industry leading CTRs.

CTR: 5% Click-throughs / Impressions

Rich media banner

A banner leading to a install page

Rich media banners are banners that employ images, text, sound and video. They are often interactive, inviting the user to play a game, navigate through different “pages”, turn the sound on/off, select an item from a drop-down, pause the video and so on.

There are subtypes of rich media banners:

  • Swiper – banner of app with name and rating, which you can swipe left/right
  • Sticky – banner, which sticks to the bottom of a screen

CTR: 2% Click-throughs / Impressions

Click to video and video ads

Banner, leading to a video-advertisment page or just a video-ad

CTR: 2% Click-throughs / Impressions


A web-page with offers list without incentive

Offers are just recommended to install

CTR: 6% Click-throughs / Impressions


We're inventing it at the moment and will show to you in the near future!

CTR: 100% Click-throughs / Impressions

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