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How can I get a payout?

In our affiliate network you can receive a payout via WebMoney, PayPal, Payoneer or Wire. Payouts via Webmoney are processed only using WMZ. The minimum payout threshold via Webmoney is 50 USD and the minimum payout threshold via PayPal or Payoneer is 100 USD. A Bank Wire transfer is available only for legal entities after signing an Insertion Order and the minimum payout threshold is 1000 USD

How often are the payouts?

The Unilead affiliate network uses the NET30 payout system. Payouts are processed automatically on the 30th day of every month after the month for which the invoice has been issued. For example, the payout for June is transferred on July 30th. If in the current month an affiliate earns a sum, which is less than the minimum payout threshold - this sum is saved until the minimum is reached and is added to the next month.
It is impossible to order or issue a payout ahead of time.

How can I see the amount that I have earned?

The information about the sum of your earnings can be found in the tab «Reports» → «Offers Report», by choosing the appropriate time-period. More detailed information about conversions and their status can be found in the tab «Report» ⇢ «Conversion Report». The status of your payouts is displayed in the tab «Account» ⇢ «Billing History». The line «Current Balance» shows the amount of earnings since the last payout. The «Payment History» table displays all of your invoices, which are automatically generated approximately on the 15th day of each month. If the sum of the invoice is smaller than the minimum payout - it is still issued, but the payout will be made only once your balance reaches the minimum threshold. After the payout has been made the status «Paid» will appear, showing the sum that has been transferred. The status change will also show up in your notifications.

Why does my invoice not match with the statistics?

  Our statistical data uses multiple currencies for configuring the earnings of an affiliate. Statistics show the total earnings for all offers in dollars using the average USD conversion rate per month. The invoice is issued using the conversion rate set by the Central Bank of Russia on the day of the invoicing. Changes in the conversion rate during the month may cause small differences between the sum stated in the invoice and the sum stated in our statistics data.



Do offers have a hold?

   The hold period for an offer equals to 30 days.

The offer is paused. When does an offer get paused? How much time do I have to stop the traffic flow?

An offer can be stopped due to the advertiser’s request or due to ending of the budget. The affiliate is notified by an email before the offer is stopped and is told how much time he has to stop the traffic flow.

Why was I blocked from the offer? Will I get paid for the traffic? How much time do I have to stop the traffic flow?

If the advertiser is not satisfied by the quality of an affiliate’s traffic, the affiliate can be blocked from an offer. The decision about whether such traffic will be paid for is made in an individual case by the advertiser. This decision is made before the invoice is issued. In case the traffic flow has to be stopped, a notification is sent to the affiliate. From the moment of when the notification has been sent the affiliate has 24 hours to stop his traffic flow.

Are there any restrictions in promoting offers? What are the allowed types of traffic?

All restrictions for promoting an offer are stated in its description. For promoting an offer you can use any of the allowed traffic sources with the exception of extreme methods as noted in our Terms & Conditions (adult, spam, incent traffic for offers where it is prohibited for use, etc.) The advertiser is also allowed to note any additional traffic sources as prohibited, but this is stated in the offer description as well.

How can I set the tracking?

A special tracking link is set up so that affiliates can see the amount of clicks and conversions, which are made for the offer in real time. The tracking link redirects users to the page of the advertiser’s mobile app and transfers the information to the Unilead system, which you can then observe in the statistics of the offer. (you can set up the tracking yourself)

The tracking can be set for every offer only after approval of your offer application. To set the tracking go to the offer page:


First of all, for working with the offer you need the tracking link (the link which is clicked by the user after which if he downloads and opens the app – a conversion is counted). After the offer application is approved, the tracking link becomes available on the page of the offer.


The default tracking link holds the parameters offer_id (ID of the offer in the system) and aff_id (ID of the affiliate in the system), which transfer information about which affiliate makes a specific conversion for a specific offer.

After correctly setting the tracking link an affiliate can see all of his conversions via the Reports in his account.

Sometimes the account statistics is not enough and the system should be able to report conversion data to a third party. In this case it is possible to set up the following types of tracking: Image Pixel (for Web-offers) and Postback URL (used for mobile offers).

The Postback URL can be very useful for analyzing the effectiveness of an ad campaign, since it is possible to transfer additional data about each conversion.

You can set up the Postback URL in the CONVERSION PIXELS / URLS section on the page of an approved offer:


By default there are 3 fields: Goal, Type and Add Code (the last field changes in respect to the chosen type of tracking).

To set up the Postback URL, choose Postback URL in the drop down menu of the Type field.


Now paste your third party postback link into the Add Postback URL field (this can be a link of an ad network where you promote the offer or a link of the tracking system, which you use for collecting the stats for all of your campaigns).


Pay close attention to the parameters, which are included in the Postback URL, and to the syntax.

You can also include additional parameters in the Postback. The list of additional parameters appear by clicking Optional Variables:


Attention! All parameters entered into the Postback URL also have to be entered into the tracking link.

Your tracking link will NOT work if you ONLY set the Postback.

In our example the parameter which is necessary to pass to the affiliate for each conversion is - guid. Therefore, this parameter should be added to the tracking link.

The tracking link has 6 aff_sub (aff_sub, aff_sub1, aff_sub2 и т.д.)- containers, which can store different parameters. For passing a new parameter you can take any unused container.

In our example it is aff_sub2 (just for the sake of it). So, now it has to be added to the tracking link. Put a checkmark in the field Add Sub ID:


After this appears a field Affiliate Sub ID:


Important! – this is the aff_sub. In our example we want to pass the parameter to the aff_sub2. Tо do this, click More Sub IDs. The following list will appear:


Now it’s all simple – fill in the field of the appropriate Sub ID with the parameter, which we want (in our case - guid) and click Update:


Now the tracking link looks like this:


It needs to be used in this format in order for the Postback URL to work.

Is it allowed to change the creatives in any way?

After the offer has been approved, you get access to the creatives distributed by the advertiser (banners, videos, etc.). Without approval from the advertiser, it is prohibited to make any changes in the creatives. Affiliates, which have made any changes to the creatives without approval by the advertiser through us will be blocked from the offer.

Why is my offer application rejected? Is it possible to apply again?

An offer application can be rejected for the following reasons: the budget of the offer has already been dispersed between affiliates; your traffic source does not match the allowed traffic sources stated by the advertiser; the offer is stopped or paused very soon. The reason for rejection of your application can also be found in the tab «Account» ⇢ «Notifications» by clicking on the link «Offer application rejected».

To apply for the offer once again please send a message to support@unilead.net. Don’t forget to include the email you used to register your account, the name of the offer and the reason of the previous rejection. It is allowed to apply for the offer for a second time only after 10 days.

What are caps? How can they be increased?

When an offer application is moderated, the affiliate receives a set limit (cap) – a threshold number of installs he can make for the offer. The cap can be daily and monthly – the amount of installs, which can be done per day and the amount of installs, which can be done per month.

After the daily cap is reached, the tracking link becomes inactive until the next day. After the monthly cap is reached the tracking link becomes inactive until the next month. In both cases, the link becomes inactive and conversions cannot be made – users will be redirected to a blank page.
To see what cap has been set for your offer application go to the tab «Account» ⇢ «Notifications» and press the link «Offer application approved». The notification will contain a text with the amount of cap given. Also, the cap can be seen on the page of the offer in the description.

If you wish to increase your cap, please send a message to support@unilead.net. Don’t forget to include the email you used to register your account, the name of the offer, your current cap and the amount you wish to have.

When your cap has reached 90%, a notification appears in your profile.

How can I apply for an offer? For how long will it be considered? What can I do to speed up the process?

On the offer page you can find an option «Apply for Offer» and a necessary field to fill in «In what way do you plan to promote the application?». After answering this question and pressing “Apply”, it will be sent for moderation. The application will be moderated within one working day. In case of technical issues this period may increase to 3 working days. If you plan to start promoting the offer during a weekend, please apply on a Thursday. To speed up the process please fill in as much as possible about your traffic sources (examples and links are always a plus). This may also increase your chance of getting higher caps for the offer.


Accounts in other ad networks:

Unilead does not give access to its accounts in other ad networks. Money transfers to external ad network accounts are also impossible.

What should I do if I cannot log into my account?

In this case please contact our support team via support@unilead.net stating the email address, which you have used during registration. If you forgot your password, please follow this link.

Where can I change the settings of my account?

You can change your password, language and other settings in the tab «Account» ⇢ «My Account».


What should I do if I did not receive the confirmation email?

If within an hour after registering you did not receive the confirmation email, please send an email to support@unilead.net . Please state the problem and include the email address, which you have used to register your account.

How long will my application be moderated? What can I do to speed up the process?

The moderation of your application takes up to one work day. Contributing full information about your traffic sources during the third registration step on our website and during your conversation with one of our managers will significantly speed up the activation of your account.


How can I contact the managers of the Unilead affiliate network?

If you did not find the answer to your question in our FAQ please contact our support team via support@unilead.net . Also on Mondays through Fridays from 12.00 to 17.00 our Skype support.unilead is available.

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