Terms of Unilead personal data processing and storage

By the present You agree the following processing procedure in respect of the personal data provided by You to Unilead including the following provisions conserning the processing of personal data provided by You to Unilead for the purpose of cooperation:
1. The processing of the personal data shall be construed as the Unilead's actions/operations with the personal data, including the collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification/updating/modification, use, distribution (inclusive of transfer), depersonalization, blocking and destruction of any personal data.

2. The objective of the personal data providing and any consequent processing thereof by Unilead shall be the normal cooperation between the parties. This consent to terms of Unilead personal data processing and storage is valid for the period of cooperation between the parties and at least three years from the date of its termination.

3. By the present You give Your consent to the processing of the following personal data: surname, first name and patronymic, date of birth, mail addresses (registered and business ones), information on nationality, Your main ID card number, issue date and issuing authority name; telephone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses. Unilead shall destroy all the documents containing personal data upon expiry of the period for keeping such documents, as stipulated by the laws in effect.

4. Provided Unilead believes that the measures put in place by it may not ensure a full personal data protection at the transfer, transboundary one included, You shall agree to its personal data transfer in a depersonalized form, unless it ensues inoperability of the Unilead's services.

5. An agreement to the personal data processing may be withdrawn by You by way of sending its relevant instruction at the Unilead's address in a simple form in writing, provided that You agree that any such withdrawal may trigger the consequences as a termination of cooperation on the part of Unilead.